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Rebel Rebel

A Film By Tamar Pelzig

Starring Safa Tarifi and Patricia Belcher

'Rebel Rebel' is a short film that highlights the gift of mentorship and the potential of art as a vehicle of expression. It is a female-driven coming-of-age story that sheds a light on themes of belonging, rebellion, education, and how art can ultimately change our perspective of the world.


We all long to be seen.

By our loved ones, our community, and ourselves.

The story of 'Rebel Rebel' highlights a cherished moment when a teacher SEES a student, and sees the best way to approach that student, even if it is not in the most conventional expected way.


Art teachers and educators are often overlooked in our society.

Our writer/director Tamar Pelzig was fortunate to have had such a special exchange with a generous and wise teacher. This story is an homage to her, and to teachers like her, who see beyond the challenge in front of them, see the HUMAN BEING behind the rebel, and that promote art as a healthy outlet in young souls' lives.

'Rebel Rebel' is currently in post-production and due to the approaching Tribeca Film Festival submission deadline (1/11/2023) we are seeking support for our finishing funds. Please watch our campaign video below and consider making a tax-deductible donation through our sponsor page Fractured Atlas.


Thank you for supporting independent film and female filmmakers!

'Rebel Rebel' footage still grabs:

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